GCE Lawyers based in Marbella on the Costa del Sol in Spain, was established in 2007 by Eva Garcia Cantero and David Eweis when they opened their first office in C/ San Juan Bosco in down town Marbella.

Marbella and the Costa de Sol have a very cosmopolitan population and it was this majority European and International population that suited the varied backgrounds of the partners. With Eva being originally from Marbella, Andalucía it gave the company a perfect understanding of the local legal and administrative system. And with David having such a varied international background and experience it allowed the company to also be familiar with international procedures and principles.

This combination of experiences and backgrounds was behind the creation of GCE Lawyers where excellent knowledge of the local law was, and still is today, combined with international experience.

Some seven years later in 2013 GCE Lawyers opened their second office, also in Marbella Center, this time in Avenida Ricardo Soriano.

The growing team of lawyers who are within the company today are always at the forefront of the changing laws and are constantly learning and updating their knowledge to give an excellent response to any legal enquiry.

All lawyers in the Law Firm are fully registered in Spanish Bar Associations.