Our experience in litigation allows us to be very confident in our analysis of any real estate operations and conveyances.  Our lawyers know all that is needed to know about the territory and urbanizations problems, town hall restrictions and limitations, licenses and sanctions.  Our lawyers are local lawyers who belong to the area and are experts in this matter, therefore, most probably any peculiarity of any area will be well known to them and previously they have encountered and resolved the problem, if any.  For this reason, our lawyers who deal with conveyancing and real estate operations are capable to handle any situation, even if it is a complex one as it is in reality the situation in Marbella in particular and Spain in general.

We will make sure that our clients will have a safe purchase and a secure real estate investment in such a case.  Our legal work and our legal recommendations are always independent from any external influence based on the fact that we do not have collaborations with any company that may influence our judgment.

In other words, we are not and we do not accept to be agents for any company, bank or real estate agency.  When we are the lawyers of our client, we are the lawyers, we do our job, and we do not allow any other matter to interfere with this obligation and responsibility.  We also get paid only from our client, which means whatever companies our client chooses to help her/him in the different phases of purchase, we do not have any interest whatsoever and our services and our advices remain the same.

We inform our clients of the real urban situation and the problems as they stand, as they are, no exaggeration but no hiding of the reality.  If there is no license, then there is no license, and we will inform why.  What we will not do is inform our client that there is no need for a license because nobody asks for it.  We are not that kind of lawyers, and whatever is the reality we will inform as it is even if our clients are literally dying to buy a property that is the dreams of their lives.