One of the main reasons to establish GCE Law Firm was to service our clients in their court claims when conflicts are possible to resolve amicably.  We dedicate time and efforts to study each case, prepare a strategy needed, and identify the target and work to achieve that target.

In our way of preparing a court hearing, we talk to our clients and decide with them the target that should be achieved.  Many times the clients do not understand that some targets are not what legally can be achieved, therefore, we go with them through that process and help them know what exactly they can get, then we work with them to get to that goal.

Once we are in the court procedures, normally these are long, very long and take years to finish.  During that time, we keep constant contact with our clients and inform them regularly of the court claim procedures and what is happening each moment with any new development.  Therefore, whenever there are new developments, we inform our clients, but also we answer always the e-mails in a maximum period of 24 hours, weekends and holidays not included.

We believe that communication with our clients is very important and allows us to get the information and capture the points that the clients some time forget to tell us about when we are preparing the court cases.  In addition, in court claims, clients need to be very accurate and clear to their version of the facts because they will be asked to stand and testify before a judge under the close inquiring looks of the other party lawyers, who, will have their chance to interrogate the clients.  Therefore, the more secure the client is with the version of facts, the more relaxed and confident she/he will appear before the judge.

Most of our cases are taken on the principle of no win no fees, therefore, we do not accept cases that we are not confident in wining, in other words, if our clients do not have a good court case, we will inform them in order to avoid litigating and losing.  Also our clients love it when we tell them… if you do not get paid we do not get paid!