Our lawyers´ extensive knowledge, language and culture domain and international experience give a unique opportunity to legally represent companies and individuals in different countries especially companies interested in entering difficult markets such as the Arab Gulf Countries.   Our lawyers, with 25 years of experience, full domain of Arabic language and culture, with excellent professional relations, are capable of introducing foreign companies in these Arab courtiers and Arab Gulf companies in European countries.

Our law firm actually had important success in leading negotiation and helping closing important deals between first class companies.

The value of giving the right advice at the right moment is all it is about.  The value of having the courage to inform that such a deal will not have the chance of success is what a company entering a foreign market is looking for and we do that.  There are some important points that will make a deal work and we will be there to help reach that deal.  One of the basic issues is the choose the appropriate partner, elaborate contracts that are what the parties need and not what the lawyer wants.  We can be a bridge and we act to build a bridge to make the business start well, continue and grow with full satisfaction of the parties.